Oak Dreams
Collection of Poems

Author(s) Information

Sada Khelalfa, is an Algerian novelist born June 26, 1987 in the province of Jijel in Algeria. She graduated in 2010 from the University of Costantine in Algeria. She is the author of several book in Arabic, English and French languages.


Oak dreams are the dreams of the women, her perception of life, of love, of hope, of happiness and truth. It is an explanation, in a poetic way, of different positions in the female’s life to reach into her deep emotions which come to her heart and her soul. I am going to write a few modest lines, emanated from the deepness of innocent ink, which cannot master the suppression of words mind, in the form of chaos. Sometimes the words attack the paper brutally, and other times they remain stuck in the brain as a heavy ferric helmet that cannot be removed, and at the same time they cannot be entered into the words’ tomb, they remain detained until they fade away with the arrival of new army of ideas. For you, all inspirational persons, you deserve all reverence. Without your ability to influence, I wouldn’t be influenced by you. If you didn’t give me a chance to swim inside you, my words wouldn’t be released. Excuse me... I am not brave enough to tell you that I lived with you in a letter, a word, a line, a sentence, an idea, a meaning, and in poetry; I wandered surreptitiously into you for a moment of truth, I am still living as a butterfly among the flowers in the fields of words.


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Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgment
2. Dedication
3. You impressed me
4. A cold summer
5. In front of a mirror
6. Your spectrum is with me
7. That’s enough from you
8. We are done
9. The master of colors
10. I am free
11. The violence of an eraser
12. He told me
13. Out of life
14. On the river edge
15. On the margin of memories
16. My brown shoes
17. To a star
18. Are you?