Exemplary Study of Pile Foundations

Author(s) Information

Khelalfa Houssam is a researcher in Civil, Ggotechnical & Coastal Engineering, at LGCE Laboratory University of Jijel in Algeria and School of Civil Engineering & Surveying of Portsmouth University in UK. He is the author of several science articles and books, he is a reviewer on international journals.


The present "GEOTECHNICAL Book" considers the following aspects: Geological and geotechnical characterization of foundation sites based on stratigraphic data (survey logs) and results of geotechnical surveys (in-situ and laboratory tests) carried out in different phases of study (Before Detailed Project -BDP and Study of Execution - ExS); Definition of the Reference Geological and Geotechnical Model for the project; Definition of the type of foundation and the piles selected for the sizing/ dimensioning calculation; Dimensioning of the elements of the foundation and verifications to the Ultimate Limit States (ULS); in particular, for piled foundations, the extreme loads/ stresses along the shaft (barrel) shall be determined; Calculations of the settlements in the Service Limits States (SLS); Estimation of the stiffness of the elastic springs at the base of the piles. Finally, we presented the Drawings and the Sequence of realization of the piles foundations.


Civil Engineering Structures, Geotechnics, Pile Foundations, In Situ and Laboratory Tests, Design and Execution Drawings, Reinforcing and Bending and Shaping Reinforcements Workshop, Construction

Table of Contents

Title of the book
Chapter I: Geological Framing
I. 1 Geological formations
I. 2 Geomorphology of the sector in study
Chapter II: Companions of Geological and Geotechnical Recognition
II. 1 ground investigation
II. 2 Piezometric measurements
II. 3 In situ tests
Chapter III: Local geotechnical characterization
Chapter IV: Local seismic characterization
Chapter V: Geotechnical Dimensioning of the Foundations
V. 1 Generality
V. 2 Verification of local soil mobilization (ULS)
V. 3 Verification of local soil mobilization (SLS)
V. 4 Checks on overall soil mobilization
V. 5 Dimensioning the length of the piles with respect to vertical lift
V. 6 Dimensioning of direct foundations
V. 7 Constraints on the ground
V. 8 Assessment of settlements
V. 9 Rigidity (Stiffness) of the elastic springs at the base of the pillars
Chapter VI: Drawings
Chapter VII: Sequence of realization of the pile foundations