Theory of Merging Social sciences and Mathematics into one continuum

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Khelalfa Houssam is a researcher in Civil, Ggotechnical & Coastal Engineering, at LGCE Laboratory University of Jijel in Algeria and School of Civil Engineering & Surveying of Portsmouth University in UK. He is the author of several science articles and books, he is a reviewer on international journals.


This Book will examine the output of a new scientific discipline by integrating mathematics with human and social academic disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics and political science. The theory that can only be obtained by looking at human relations and social interactions as an engineering interaction that can be expressed in mathematical equations. The hypothesis is to look at human in the same way we look at matter or material objects, or in other words, expression of philosophy and social human interaction mathematically. We can convert all of these mathematical equations into algorithms that can be programmed (by means of software programs) and used by computer simulations and modeling of human social interactions, through which we can predict the behavior of societies. Consequently; we can form a new paradigm for international relations that can be simulated and controlled by computer programs. The main objective of this science is to activate the international community and bring international balance and peace through an international equation that can be called " Global Peace Equation ".


Social Sciences, Mathematics, New Theory, New science, Social Mathematical & Human Engineering Sciences

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Chapter I: History of science and the results of previous research in different academic disciplines
Chapter II: New Theory
Chapter III: How to introduce the Social Mathematical & Human Engineering Science into the academic field
Chapter IV. Conclusion and Recommendations