Methodology for manufacturing of ports structures (Volume III)

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Khelalfa Houssam is a researcher in Civil, Ggotechnical & Coastal Engineering, at LGCE Laboratory University of Jijel in Algeria and School of Civil Engineering & Surveying of Portsmouth University in UK. He is the author of several science articles and books, he is a reviewer on international journals.


The purpose of this book is to present step-by-step requirements and methodology for the fabrication of port and marine structures with details to build high quality vertical breakwaters (caissons) in accordance with project specifications, applicable codes and standards. In this third part (Volume III); We started with Directive and Recommendations for marine construction works. Then we presented with details how to do and apply the Methods of Construction of Vertical Breakwaters (Caissons), such as; Construction on Floating Dock, the JARLAN Caisson and Protection Vertical Dykes. After, we present with details how to make and apply the Slip form Construction, such as; Installation of gantry house and sliding formwork systems For the production of caissons, and Methodology of manufacture of the caisson (vertical Breakwaters) by Slip form. Then we presented with details how to do and apply the methods of repairing the caissons. Finally; we present with details how to make and apply the Methodologies of realization of the main elements and works of a port.


Ports, Structures and Marine Works, Vertical Breakwaters, Caissons, Construction Directive and Recommendation, Caissons Manufacturing Workshop, Floating Dock, Slip Form, Caissons' Repair

Table of Contents

Book Title
Chapter VII: Directive and recommendation for construction works
VII. 1 Introduction
VII. 2 Fences, Construction Site Sign, Land and Marine Signage
VII. 3 Steel reinforcements for reinforced concrete
VII. 4 Formworks
VII. 5 Quality management plan for concrete production
VII. 6 Concrete Aggregate Management Plan
VII. 7 Transportation, Pouring and Curing Concrete Plan
VII. 8 Quality Management Plan for Cold Weather Concreting
VII. 9 Quality Management Plan for Hot Weather Concreting
VII. 10 Cement Management Plan
VII. 11 Quality Management Plan for Concrete Finishing
VII. 12 Quality Management Plan of Concrete Cure Product
VII. 13 Adjuvant Quality Management Plan for Concrete Production
VII. 14 Application of concretes
VII. 15 Quality control of concrete
VII. 16 Career Materials
VII. 17 Dredging works
VII. 18 Foundation layer of caissons
VII. 19 Geotextiles
VII. 20 Caisson manufacturing workshop
VII. 21 Flotation, Transport, Stranding and Guidance of caissons
VII. 22 sandy filling of caissons
VII. 23 Backfill embankments and medians
VII. 24 Construction of the upper slab of caissons (quay wall coronation beam, cover block)
VII. 25 Anchor bolts for defenses and bollards
Chapter VIII: Methods of Construction of Vertical breakwaters (Caissons)
VIII. 1 Construction on Floating Dock
VIII. 1. 1 JARLAN Caisson Construction
VIII. 1. 2 Construction of Vertical Breakwaters of Protection
VIII. 2 Sliding formwork construction
VIII. 2. 1 Mobilization of the caisson fabrication workshop
VIII. 2. 2 Installation of gantries house and sliding formwork systems for the production of caissons
VIII. 2. 3 The manufacturing methodology of the caisson (vertical breakwater) by slip form
Chapter IX: Caissons repair methodologies
IX. 1 Repairing the concrete cracks of the caissons
IX. 1. 1 Repair of cracks by injection
IX. 1. 2 Repair Segregations and apparent reinforcement
IX. 1. 3 Repairing cracks in the caisson fabrication workshop
IX. 2. State of damage caused by the storm
Chapter X: Methodologies for the realization of the main elements and works a port
X. 1 Methodology of execution of dredging works
X. 2 Substitution in TVC (after additional dredging)
X. 3 Methodology of execution of the works for the setting up geotextile
X. 4 The methodology of execution of the preparation for the foundations of the caissons
X. 5 The methodology of execution of work of an absorbing beach waves
X. 6 Methodology of execution of the work of displacement and setting up of the caissons
X. 7 Methodology for filling the caissons
X. 8 BCR Placement Methodology