Methodology for manufacturing of ports structures (Volume I)

Author(s) Information

Khelalfa Houssam is a researcher in Civil, Ggotechnical & Coastal Engineering, at LGCE Laboratory University of Jijel in Algeria and School of Civil Engineering & Surveying of Portsmouth University in UK. He is the author of several science articles and books, he is a reviewer on international journals.


The purpose of this book is to present step-by-step requirements and methodology for the construction of port and marine structures with details to build high quality vertical break water (caissons) in accordance with project specifications, applicable codes and standards. In this part (Volume I); We started with a generality about the various Harbour structures and its characteristics, then we presented with details how to make and apply an Organizational diagram of the Quality Assurance Plan (ODQAP) and its Detailed Procedures necessary to reserve and meet the quality requirements for the good control and progress of marine construction works. Afterwards, we present with details how to make and apply an Organizational diagram of the HSE Plan (ODPHSE), and its Detailed Procedures necessary to meet the HSE requirements. We can use ODQAP and ODPHSE in all fields of construction and industry.


Ports, Harbour, Maritime Structures, Container Terminals, Caissons, DIGUES, Construction and Marine Works, QAP, HSE

Table of Contents

Book Title
Chapter I: Types of port structures
I. 1 Introduction
I. 2 The role of a port
I.3 Classification of ports
I.4 Principles of implementation and development of ports
I.5 Ground plan of a port
I.6 The main components of a port
I.7 Construction and how to perform the main process of realization of some marine works
Chapter II: Organizational diagram of the Quality Assurance Plan (ODQAP)
II. 1 Introduction
II. 2 Conditions of execution control
II. 3 Management responsibility
II. 4 Management plan of subcontractors
II. 5 Procurement Plan
II. 6 Manufacturing layout and implementation of products
II. 7 Interfaces processing
II. 8 Treatment of non-conformities
II. 9 Works execution
II. 10 Quality Management Plan
II. 11 Test Quality Control
II. 12 Security Management Plan
II. 13 Environmental Management Program
II. 14 Detailed procedures needed to reserve quality and meet the requirements
II. 15 Definitions and Terminology
Chapter III: Organizational diagram of the HSE Plan (ODPHSE)
III. 1 HSE Plan
III. 2 Site HSE plan
III. 3 Detailed procedures needed to respond HSE requirements
III. 4 Definitions and Terminology