Shackles of memory
A Novel

Author(s) Information

Sada Khelalfa, is an Algerian novelist born June 26, 1987 in the province of Jijel in Algeria. She graduated in 2010 from the University of Costantine in Algeria. She is the author of several book in Arabic, English and French languages.


I didn’t write… because it was necessary for someone else to prove that the obsession of the pens is an incurable disease… and that obsessed people are no more than wise men who meet on the ships of insanity. But I wrote…to tell those who are not able to reveal their secrets, there is no place to hide anymore. “Shackles of memory” is a novel in a new format and style; it touches upon several complexes, social, psychological, familial and emotional problems by telling stories of people (the characters of the novel) who live in the same society in various problems. This novel represents diving inside the memorial and deep suffering. the internal sensations that can only be revealed by our inner whispers which roam the subconscious; they cannot be removed or eliminated from their specter except by going back to our memory and confronting them in order to gain our inner purity.


Emotional, Psychic, Secrets, Society, Stories, Memory, Subconscious, Complexes Problems, Familial, Novel, Suffering

Table of Contents

1. The Summary of the novel
3. Dedication
4. Port of peace
5. Excerpts
6. Spectrum of memory
7. Back to the past
8. Concord within a war
9. The remnants of a dream
10. The burning of words
11. Ego and the memory
12. An Fall meeting
13. A healing smile
14. My confession
15. Abundance of days
16. The end
17. An anonymous signature
18. A pause of feeling
19. To you ...
20. Painting tears
21. Broken lineaments
22. In a train
23. Loyal hopes
24. Between two cities
25. To ... where it should be
26. Intersection
27. I wrote about you
28. During a visit
29. Getting back