If you're a scientist who wants to give back to the scientific community and contribute your expertise, you may be a perfect fit for the Scientific Publications Editorial Board. At Scientific Publications, we believe that rigorous research deserves to be published, regardless of outcome or perceived impact. Our journal serves as an inclusive venue for publishing primary scientific research across all areas. To learn more about our information (https://www.scipublications.com/for-authors); and publication criteria (https://www.scipublications.com/for-editors#overview), please visit our website.

Recruiting Editorial Board Members

To meet the demands of Scientific Publications’ rapid growth and ensure the publication of high-quality articles that are freely distributed within the community, we are currently recruiting academic editors worldwide to join our Editorial Board. If you would like to participate in editorial work as an Editorial Board Member, please refer to the guide below and upload your information accordingly.

General Academic Editor Selection Process

The selection process for a general academic editor can vary depending on the specific publication or organization. However, the process you outlined has some similarities with the typical selection process:

  1. Submit your information: The publication or organization advertises the open position, and candidates submit their information, including a CV, cover letter, and other required materials.
  2. Application review: Once the application deadline has passed, the publication or organization reviews the applications received. This may involve a team of reviewers who assess the candidates' qualifications and experience based on the requirements listed in the job description.
  3. Check some information with applicants: The publication or organization may contact the candidates to verify some of the information provided in their application, such as their degrees, publications, or work experience.
  4. Academic Editor-in-Chief will select and qualify the candidates: The Academic Editor-in-Chief, who is responsible for the academic quality of the publication, may review the applications and select a pool of qualified candidates to move forward in the process.
  5. Editorial Office team will final check and decision: The Editorial Office team, which is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the publication, may further assess the candidates based on their editing skills, communication abilities, and fit with the publication's culture.
  6. The Journal department will extend an offer to the selected candidate: Once the final decision is made, the Journal department may extend an offer to the selected candidate.
  7. Candidate accepts the offer: The candidate may accept the offer, usually by signing a contract that outlines the terms of their employment, such as the start date, compensation, and expectations.
  8. Formal onboarding process: After the candidate accepts the offer, they may go through a formal onboarding process, which may include training on the publication's style, guidelines, and policies, as well as an introduction to the team and the publication's goals and mission.

Academic Editor Responsibilities

As an Editorial Board Member, your responsibilities will include prescreening submissions and making decisions on whether they should be accepted for further processing, providing suggestions on interesting topics in your research field, editing a special issue on a topic related to your research, publishing, inviting, or recommending one paper free of charge per year, and promoting Scientific Publications and increasing its visibility at related academic conferences.

Editorial Board Criteria

Scientific Publications is seeking Academic Editors who meet the following qualifications:

  • Active researchers
  • A PhD degree is required for potential Academic Editors
  • Strong publication record of 8 or more peer-reviewed articles
  • The applicant must have a total number of citations exceeding 25
  • Senior or corresponding authorship publications
  • Sufficient availability in their professional schedule to handle one or two manuscripts per month

Reviewer Board Criteria

The Reviewer Board comprises seasoned researchers who are tasked with providing high-quality, rigorous, and transparent review reports for submitted manuscripts within their area of expertise. Their primary responsibility is to support journals regularly and actively by offering their valuable expertise in evaluating the scientific merit of the research presented in the manuscripts.

Scientific Publications is seeking Academic Reviewer who meet the following qualifications:

  • Strong publication record of 5 or more peer-reviewed articles
  • A PhD degree is required for potential reviewers
  • The applicant must have a total number of citations exceeding 10
  • Senior or corresponding authorship publications

If you are interested in serving as an Academic Editor or Reviewer, please upload your information here. The Scientific Publications Journals Department will get in touch with you as soon as possible.