Global Journal of Medical Case Reports <p>Global Journal of Medical Case Reports(GJMCR) is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal publishing original and educationally valuable case reports that expand the field of medicine. The journal covers all medical specialties comprising a comprehensive resource for physicians in all fields and at all stages of training.</p> en-US Global Journal of Medical Case Reports 2770-8691 Inflammatory Bowel Disease associated with Intestinal Malrotation <p>Intestinal malrotation is an embryological abnormality modifying the classic anatomy of the small and large bowels, particularly the topographical one. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is characterised by anatomical lesions with preferential intestinal tropism. These two conditions are rarely associated. They represent a real diagnostic and therapeutic challenge due to the overlap of non-specific symptoms and the complexity of the clinical management. We report the case of a young woman presenting with a flare-up of her IBD and a partial common mesentery syndrome. Clinicians should be aware of the potential pitfalls of the two entities to propose the adequate therapeutic strategy regarding the full understanding of the anatomy, notably when surgery is needed.</p> Kafia Belhocine Kamel Hail Copyright (c) 2024 Global Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024-01-03 2024-01-03 1 8 A Case of Early Initiation of Veno-venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygen in Morbid Obesity with Severe Legionella Pneumonia <p>We present a case of a critically ill patient with severe Legionella pneumonia complicated by morbid obesity (BMI ≥ 40 kg/m<sup>2</sup>) who was successfully treated with early initiation of veno-venous ECMO (V-V-ECMO) without any sequelae. The patient, a 48-year-old male, initially presented with symptoms of a sore throat, fever, significant fatigue, and decreased appetite. Upon diagnosis of severe pneumonia complicated by morbid obesity, he was transferred to our hospital for further management. Upon admission, he was promptly intubated and placed on mechanical ventilation. Due to a positive urinary Legionella antigen test indicating a risk of deterioration, V-V ECMO was initiated immediately after intubation. During ECMO support, the patient received Levofloxacin Hydrate at 500 mg/day and Prednisolone Sodium Succinate at 100 mg/day. He was successfully weaned off ECMO after 12 days and transferred back to the referring hospital on day 20. While ECMO therapy for morbidly obese patients was traditionally considered relatively contraindicated, this case suggest that obesity alone is not a contraindication to initiating ECMO.</p> Ayumu Masuoka Masafumi Seki Futoshi Kotajima Ryosuke Tsuchiya Hiroshi Ogawa Yoshitaka Inoue Manabu Nemoto Masahito Kaji Copyright (c) 2024 Global Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024-02-26 2024-02-26 9 13