Universal Journal of Literature and Linguistics https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujll <p>Universal Journal of Literature and Linguistics(UJLL) is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes original and high-quality research papers in all areas of linguistics and literature. As an important academic exchange platform, scientists and researchers can know the most up-to-date academic trends and seek valuable primary sources for reference.</p> en-US Universal Journal of Literature and Linguistics English as a Lingua Franca: Attitude and Perception of the Ghanaian English Teacher Towards Native Speakers Accent https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujll/article/view/858 <p>English language has become a global language due to first, the results of British colonial expansion and, global commercial interests. It has become a lingua franca in many countries, including Ghana. Qualitatively, the study adopted case study research design. The purpose of the study was to find out the perception and the attitude of Ghanaian English teachers towards the Native Speakers’ accents. The population of study consists of all ten (10) tutors in the Department of Languages, Offinso College of Education. Purposive and convenient sampling techniques were used to select the college and the tutors for the study. The main tool used for the collection of data was the semi-structured interview. Most of the participants revealed positive attitudes towards their own English accents which were different from that of the native speaker. Ghanaians are often faced with the challenge of which accent to use when communicating with each other and with outsiders. Most of the tutors from Offinso College of Education who participated in this study expressed positive responses to their non-native speaker’s accents. Not only did the idea of having a native speaker’s accent hold no attraction for them but they also found it strange because it would not represent their L1 identity<strong>. </strong>The majority of participants in this study preferred to use their non-native accents to attempt to adopt those of the native speaker. To them, there is only one distinction between English accents -you are either a native or non-native.</p> Sarah Takyiwa Mensah Copyright (c) 2024 Universal Journal of Literature and Linguistics 2024-01-06 2024-01-06 1 6 Textuality in Text: A Discourse Analysis of Nelson Mandela’s I Am the First Accused https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujll/article/view/857 <p>The thrust of this paper is to delve into the cohesive devices of political discourse as it pertains to Nelson Mandela’s <em>I Am the First Accused</em>. The text was codified and the lexico-grammatical resources were examined in terms of semantic ties through the lens of Discourse analysis. The text was analysed based on Halliday and Hasan’s, 1976 five major cohesion classification categories<em>: reference,</em> <em>demonstrative references, substitution, conjunction and lexical cohesion</em>. The research indicated that there were sufficient phenomenon-example relationships within the text. In other words, there was adequate justification for claim statements within the text. There are also adequate cause-consequential relations in the text. Anaphoric references were commonplace in the text. It was also found out that cataphoric reference was sparingly used in the text. Analysis of the data also revealed that there were 30 instances of personal references, 21 demonstrative references, 3 instances of comparative references, and 6 instances of substitution. There were no instances of ellipsis. There were 7 instances of conjunction as a semantic link. There were 15 instances of repetition, 5 examples of synonyms and 3 instances of antonyms. It is recommended that public speakers and media practitioners take cognisance of cohesive devices and make their write-ups and speeches more cohesive and coherent for their audience and readers to decode meaning. Teachers of English as a second language should give serious attention to the teaching of cohesion as a semantic link within a text since cohesion and coherence aid the readability of a text. Cataphoric references sustain the interest of listeners and readers since they expect information yet to be given. Therefore, it is recommended that teachers of English as a second language should encourage their students to use some cataphors in their essays to create some kind of suspense in their readers. Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) could also be used as an analytical tool to examine how power plays within the text.</p> Abudulai Rauf Emmanuel Kwesi Asiedu Dela Amenyedzi Copyright (c) 2024 Universal Journal of Literature and Linguistics 2024-01-07 2024-01-07 7 21