Universal Journal of Neuroscience https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujn <p>Universal Journal of Neuroscience (UJN) is an international journal dedicated to the latest advancements in Neuroscience. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of Neuroscience.</p> en-US Universal Journal of Neuroscience Neurovirological Aspects of Congenital Cytomegalovirus and Its Connection to Autistic Spectrum Disorder https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujn/article/view/394 <p>Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disease that includes a wide range of functional impairments, such as social and communication deficiencies, as well as limited and selective interest and behavioral patterns that are repetitive. Children with ASD often show developmental delay, which is noticeable at an early age, and show a wide range of symptoms that interfere with daily functioning, so early diagnosis includes early interventions. A complex set of genetic and environmental factors is associated with the development of ASD, which makes ASD a complex disorder, so there is a clear distinction between neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals. Since ASD is caused by a combination of certain genetic mutations and the prenatal/postnatal environment, we focused on the etiology of ASD in viral infections, i.e., Cytomegalovirus (CMV) as a possible cause of ASD. CMV is a neurotropic herpesvirus, which can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, which is often asymptomatic and can remain latent throughout life, can pose a danger to immune insufficiency individuals during pregnancy. CMV is the most common pathogen that causes intrauterine infections, is the most common cause of nongenetic sensorineural hearing loss in children, and the main cause of neurodevelopmental delay, so research suggests an association between congenital CMV infection with ASD and maternal seropositivity for CMV in pregnancy. spectrum in children. In the research, we used various online databases as sources for our study. The result of our research and processing of the given information indicates that maternal CMV infection in pregnancy is related to the development of autism spectrum disorders in children.</p> Mladen Cimesa Biljana Dimitric Miljana Nikolic Dajana Kalajdzic Branka Lucic Dejana Kovacevic Copyright (c) 2022 Universal Journal of Neuroscience 2022-09-20 2022-09-20 11 18 Untreated Anderson Type II Odontoid Fracture with Severe Delayed Atlanto-Axial Dislocation, Lateral Mass Misleading Signs of Fusion, and Posterior Surgical Approach: A Case Report https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujn/article/view/189 <p>We present a case of untreated type II odontoid fracture, which evolved in severe dislocation 18 months later. Delayed dislocations in untreated type II odontoid fractures are already reported in literature. The singularity of our case is that CT-scan showed signs of fusion in the right C1-C2 articulation, which could have required a more complex surgical procedure to realign the upper cervical spine. Surprisingly, a CT scan performed in the extension position showed complete mobility of C1 and allowed us to perform a one stage posterior fixation. We want to highline both the importance of treating an Anderson type II fracture to prevent dislocation (acute or delayed), and the possibility to perform a flexion-extension CT scan to project a better surgical plan.</p> Vito Chiarella Umberto Aldo Arcidiacono Giorgio Santoro Alessandro Di Bartolomeo Marco Giugliano Andrea Gennaro Ruggeri Copyright (c) 2022 Universal Journal of Neuroscience 2022-02-22 2022-02-22 3 6 Demonstration that Alpha Emitting Nanoparticulates are at the Root of Male Homosexuality – Healing with Magnetic Acupuncture https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujn/article/view/463 <p>Alpha emitters in internal contamination are the main cause of homosexuality. There is a pattern that can be identified and described precisely as a hormone cloning process, after initial loss from alpha emitters of testosterone, and development of a painkilling effect through steroid accumulation with sodomy feeding development of steroidogenic cells. This altogether explains how homosexuality becomes a self-refeeding bubble. A treatment method is proposed at the end to break the cycle and help the subject return into heterosexuality.</p> Florent Pirot Copyright (c) 2022 Universal Journal of Neuroscience 2022-10-15 2022-10-15 19 23 Are Nociplastic Pain and Neuropathic Pain Different Pains? https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujn/article/view/142 <p>The International Association for the Study of Pain has classified pain into nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain, and nociplastic pain based on the cause of the pain. At present, nociplastic pain is pain that is not nociceptive pain and has the following characteristics: no clear evidence of actual or threatened tissue damage causing the activation of peripheral nociceptors or evidence for disease or lesion of the somatosensory system causing the pain. If there is tissue damage, disease or lesion, it is neuropathic pain; if there is none, it is nociplastic pain. In other words, the difference in diagnosis is whether or not tissue damage, disease, or lesion can be found at the current medical level (testing equipment). The treatment of nociplastic pain is almost the same as the treatment of neuropathic pain. Fibromyalgia is included in nociplastic pain. To my knowledge, of the nociplastic pain and neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia is the disease with the highest number of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments with evidence of efficacy. Effective treatments for fibromyalgia are often given to neuropathic pain. This expands treatment options. I presume that tissue damage, disease or lesion will be found in fibromyalgia through advances in the medical science by the time humans emigrate to Mars. The distinction between nociplastic pain and neuropathic pain complicates the diagnosis of chronic pain. However, the distinction does not improve the treatment outcomes. Medical science is the discipline to find a treatment method that can produce better outcomes. In the event of a medical controversy, the medical theory with better treatment outcomes should be adopted. It is desirable to combine nociplastic pain and neuropathic pain into one pain. This will simplify diagnosis and increase treatment options (improve treatment outcomes) in nociplastic pain and neuropathic pain.</p> Katsuhiro Toda Copyright (c) 2022 Universal Journal of Neuroscience 2022-01-14 2022-01-14 1 2 Phases of Typical and Atypical Child Development, Correlation in Cerebral Palsy https://www.scipublications.com/journal/index.php/ujn/article/view/289 <p>Motor development is known for its constant evolution, as it allows a baby to develop his motor skills and perform complex and coordinated movements. Such knowledge on the subject is extremely important for the physical therapist, so that he is able to deal with certain situations, which include pathological conditions and developmental delays, requiring intervention and rehabilitation, thus making implications for cerebral palsy (CP).</p> Paola Naiury Domaresk Vitoria Sousa Amanda Meireles Adna Cristina Emanuele Lana Antonio Beira de Andrade Junior Copyright (c) 2022 Universal Journal of Neuroscience 2022-05-20 2022-05-20 7 10