Methodology for manufacturing of ports structures (Volume II)

Author(s) Information

Khelalfa Houssam is a researcher in Civil, Ggotechnical & Coastal Engineering, at LGCE Laboratory University of Jijel in Algeria and School of Civil Engineering & Surveying of Portsmouth University in UK. He is the author of several science articles and books, he is a reviewer on international journals.


The purpose of this book is to present step-by-step requirements and methodology for the fabrication of port and marine structures with details to build high quality vertical breakwaters (caissons) in accordance with project specifications, applicable codes and standards. In this second part (Volume II); We began with a Study of Some Harbor Structures, Superstructure, Defenses, Concrete Formulations for Caissons and Laboratory, and Climatology and sea state data off a port. Then we presented with details how to make and apply a study and design of a caisson (Vertical Dike) type JARLAN, and its detailed calculations necessary. Afterwards, we presented with details how to make and apply a study and design of a quay walls (container terminal), and its detailed calculations necessary.


Harbours, Maritime Works, Container Terminals, Vertical Breakwaters, DIGUES, Designs, Studies and Calculations

Table of Contents

Book Title
Chapter IV: Study of Some Types of Caissons and Port Structures
IV. 1 Introduction
IV. 2 Climatology and offshore sea state data of a port
IV. 3 Calculation Basis and Design Rules
IV. 4 Geotechnical Campaign
IV. 5 Determination of Crest Height of Wharf (Quay) Walls
IV. 6 Choice of structure type
IV. 7 Caisson's design for quay walls (Example)
IV. 8 Superstructure
IV. 9 Defenses
IV. 10 Drainage Review (Example)
IV.11 Concrete Formulations for Caissons and Laboratory
Chapter V: Studying a JARLAN's caisson
V.1 Summary of the Design
V. 2 The Basics of Design
V. 3 Studying a JARLAN caisson (Example)
Chapter VI: Study of Quay's caisson
VI. 1 Summary of the Design
VI. 2 Studies criterion
VI. 3 Study of the section stability of the joined parts between the quay walls
VI. 4. Caisson's design of joined portions
VI. 5 Calculation of the Protection against Scour