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Open Access September 29, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Anthyllis hermanniae L. subsp. brutia Brullo & Giusso (Fabaceae): population survey and conservation tasks

Abstract Anthyllis hermanniae subsp. brutia, is an Italian endemic shrub occurring just in one locality by the Calabrian Ionian coast in southern Italy. Objective of this study is to provide data on population numbers, demography and ecology, as well as to identify the main threats on the long term conservation of the target taxon. The survey has been carried out through field census work, [...] Read more.


Research Article
Open Access September 28, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Comparison of Image Data and Visually Confirmed Sketches to Evaluate the Technique of Handwashing

Abstract Hand hygiene is crucial in preventing healthcare-associated infections. In this study, we aimed to quantify the accuracy of subjective evaluation of hand washing through visual inspection and objective evaluation through images. The participants were 24 consenting nursing students, and the study used black light and fluorescent paint to generate sketches and captured images of the unwashed areas, [...] Read more.


Research Article
Open Access September 20, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Drug-Receptor Interaction of Peptidic HIV-1 Protease: Polar Effect-II

Abstract Klopman described the chemical reaction of metal ions and base ions in term of softness, En and Em, respectively. By simple modification of known methods, Singh et al. made it applicable for neutral Lewis acids (transition metal salts) and bases (organic molecules) and also extended its application to biological systems for site selectivity [...] Read more.


Open Access September 18, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Check if a Graph is Bipartite or not & Bipartite Graph Coloring using Java

Abstract Nowadays, graphs including bigraphs are mostly used in various real-world applications such as search engines and social networks. The bigraph or bipartite graph is a graph whose vertex set is split into two disjoint vertex sets such that there is no edge between the same vertex set. The bipartite graphs are colored using only two colors. This article checks if a given graph is bipartite or not [...] Read more.


Short Communications & Source Code
Open Access September 01, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Public Perspective on the Negative Impacts of Substance Use-Related Social Media Content on Adolescents: A Survey

Abstract Despite the pervasive nature of internet use among adolescents and young adults, there is not enough knowledge about whether and how involvement in social media influences substance use patterns and the risk of drug use-related problems. This study was conducted to examine the complex relationship between substance use-related social media engagement (viewing, liking, commenting, and posting the [...] Read more.



Investigations on Hermitian and Skew-Hermitian Systems

In all applications of quantum mechanics in physics and chemistry, we ultimately want to understand things that we measure in the lab. The result of any measurement is always a real number. This means that we need to be sure that the procedures we develop for quantum calculations always give us correspondingly real answers.

In quantum mechanics [Schrödinger approaches], the classical quantities are replaced by operators chosen to be compatible with a property that quantum mechanical operators satisfy, namely the Hermicity, i.e. cj*=cj, Aˆ=Aˆ†. This requirement has several important, valuable, useful consequences. The most important of these is that thereby the eigenvalues are always real numbers.

[...] Read More
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