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Open Access November 14, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

A Comparison of Life Cycle Impact of Mass Timber and Concrete in Building Construction

Abstract Life cycle assessment, LCA is one of the tools that is used to measure the environmental impacts of a process or an operation. Various studies have mentioned the benefits of mass timber in building construction. This study presents an evaluation of the LCA of certain mass timber in relation to concrete-based materials. Using Athena impact estimator for buildings, the study compared the results of [...] Read more.


Open Access October 29, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Measurement of conversion factor into mean glandular dose in mammography using OSL dosimeters

Abstract Background: Currently, the DRL quantity in mammography are evaluated in terms of mean glandular dose (MGD). Since the MGD cannot be measured directly, it can be obtained by calculation using the equation (D=K*g*c*s). In previous studies, the conversion factor g was calculated by Monte Carlo simulation and is not reported from actual measurements. In this study, we focused on the [...] Read more.


Research Article
Open Access October 28, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion: A Case Report

Abstract To report a case of a major branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO) in the superotemporal region with superior macular involvement and a review of its natural history. This is a retrospective case presentation of a 49-year-old African Caribbean female patient presented to Accident and Emergency with unilateral persistent acute history of reduced central vision of left eye for 10 days with no other [...] Read more.


Case Report
Open Access October 28, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Calabrian Native Project: Botanical Education Applied to Conservation and Valorization of Autochthonous Woody Plants

Abstract Calabria is a floristic hotspot just at the center of Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, an increasing number of alien plant species threats this natural heritage, exactly while the crucial role of botany in secondary schools of Italy has been definitely dismantled. Calabrian Native Project is an environmental education project planned by Istituto Tecnico Agrario of Catanzaro that, reintroducing [...] Read more.


Research Article
Open Access October 26, 2022 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Asymptotic Properties of the Semigroup Generated by a Continuous Interval Map

Abstract The article's purpose is twofold. First, we wish to draw attention to the insufficiently known field of continuous-time difference equations. These equations are paradigmatic for modeling complexity and chaos. Even the simplest equation , easily leads to complex dynamics, its solutions are perfectly suited to simulate strong nonlinear phenomena such as large-to-small cascades of structures, [...] Read more.


Research Article

Investigations on Hermitian and Skew-Hermitian Systems

In all applications of quantum mechanics in physics and chemistry, we ultimately want to understand things that we measure in the lab. The result of any measurement is always a real number. This means that we need to be sure that the procedures we develop for quantum calculations always give us correspondingly real answers.

In quantum mechanics [Schrödinger approaches], the classical quantities are replaced by operators chosen to be compatible with a property that quantum mechanical operators satisfy, namely the Hermicity, i.e. cj*=cj, Aˆ=Aˆ†. This requirement has several important, valuable, useful consequences. The most important of these is that thereby the eigenvalues are always real numbers.

[...] Read More
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