Research Article

Air of Uncertainty from Pollution Profiteers: Status of Ambient Air Quality of Sawmill Industry in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria

Table 3a

Comparison of the air quality parametersin the study area of Kwara State (Temperature, RH, VOC, CO, O2 and PM2.5).

S/N Locations Temperature (°C) RH VOC (ppm) CO (ppm) O2 PM2.5 (ug/m3)

1 Asadam 23.88±1.25a 42.65±5.11a 15.05±10.08b 0.00±0.00a 20.90±0.05a 54.00±12.08a
2 Karisunu 28.29±2.45b 40.87±4.24a 0.29±0.18a 7.71±5.65b 20.84±0.05a 75.29±15.17a
3 IbudoOsho 28.00±1.29b 43.54±4.80a 0.30±0.23a 8.00±7.42b 20.87±0.05a 204.95±353.58a
4 Irewolede 27.67±1.21b 41.15±4.65a 18.70±10.08b 1.17±2.86a 20.88±0.08a 66.83±12.11a
5 Oluwaseun 27.13±1.96b 45.81±4.78a 0.23±0.05a 2.91±8.12a 20.86±0.07a 42.60±29.59a
6 OdoOkun 43.46±2.84c 44.08±5.33a 0.47±1.34a 4.17±6.69b 20.81±0.14a 104.42±91.99a
7 Eyenkorin 22.00±1.26a 44.60±4.28a 0.22±0.08a 13.17±6.46c 20.77±0.10a 93.00±4.73a
8 IrelopeOjaOke 22.00±1.00a 40.23±4.72a 0.20±0.01a 16.00±0.00c 20.73±0.21a 89.67±2.08a
9 Oluwaniagbaraemimi 24.00±1.41a 44.60±4.28a 19.20±9.79b 0.00±0.00a 20.95±0.08a 56.17±15.88a
10 OluwoyeAmoyo 23.83±1.33a 47.03±4.50a 0.21±0.02a 6.33±9.81b 20.88±0.04a 69.33±17.52a
11 AkereBiata 24.33±1.03a 41.12±4.59a 0.40±0.21a 8.83±4.54b 20.88±0.04a 151.67±76.19a

Similar superscript means not significantly different (p>0.05), different superscript means signifi-cantly different (p<0.05).