Research Article

Air of Uncertainty from Pollution Profiteers: Status of Ambient Air Quality of Sawmill Industry in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria

Table 3b

Comparison of the air qualityparameters in the study area of Kwara State (Temperature, RH, VOC, CO, O2and PM10).

S/N Locations PM10 (ug/m3) HcHo (mg/m3) LEL (%) Elevation

1 Asadam 66.50±15.55a 0.01±0.01a 11.00±0.00b 325.67±5.64a
2 Karisunu 112.71±55.98a 0.02±0.01a 10.57±0.79b 386.31±9.31a
3 IbudoOsho 228.29±342.21a 0.04±0.04a 10.71±0.76b 317.00±9.59a
4 Irewolede 73.83±18.31a 0.05±0.03a 11.00±0.00b 299.43±7.19a
5 Oluwaseun 43.88±28.54a 0.03±0.03a 12.00±1.85b 344.24±10.79a
6 OdoOkun - -- 5.00±0.00a 983.60±33.86b
7 Eyenkorin 119.33±11.00a 0.01±0.00a 10.33±0.52±0.52b 1153.50±7.87c
8 IrelopeOjaOke 108.00±6.93a 0.01±0.01a 9.67±0.58b 1814.67±1217.29c
9 Oluwaniagbaraemimi 71.17±24.27a 0.03±0.02a 11.00±0.00b 308.92±8.46a
10 OluwoyeAmoyo 87.67±22.11a 0.02±0.02a 11.00±0.00b 378.00±12.78a
11 AkereBiata 180.67±89.23a 0.03±0.03a 10.50±0.55b 789.05±381.95

Similar superscript means not significantly different (p>0.05), different superscript means signifi-cantly different (p<0.05).