The Application of Machine Learning in the Corona Era, With an Emphasis on Economic Concepts and Sustainable Development Goals

Table 6

Impactof COVID-19 on SDGs (Source: [41]).





No poverty

Due to closures and quarantines, people's income levels have fallen, leading to falling below the poverty line.


Zero hunger

Disrupting the production and distribution of food


Good health and well-being

Mental and physical injuries due to the disease and its complications.


Quality education

Remote learning doesn't have enough efficiency and all of the people don't have equal access to internet. Just 54% of the global population use the internet and in the least developed countries only 19% have online access.


Gender quality

Women are more vulnerable to the impact of outbreak and most of the nurses are women.


Clean water and sanitation

You need to wash your hands and accessing to clean water is important. Supply disruption and inadequate access to clean water is a problem


Affordable and clean energy

Curbing investments and threatening to slow the expansion of key clean energy technologies is the result of COVID-19


Decent work and economic growth

Business closures, unemployment, declining incomes, rising medical costs and declining economic growth


Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Some industries, such as the film and tourism industries, suffered more. Some industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, benefited the most. Corona strengthened medical infrastructure and cyberspace.


Reduced inequality

Inequality and discrimination in the treatment of elderly and young patients, and discrimination in the distribution of vaccines among countries


Sustainable cities and communities

Cities with high population densities and poor sanitation are at greater risk


Responsible consumption and production

The COVID-19 pandemic offers countries an opportunity to build recovery plans that will reverse current trends and change our consumption and production patterns towards a more sustainable future.


Climate action

Due to the importance of the issue of Corona and its harmful effects, more attention is drawn to itself and less attention is paid to the issue of climate changes than before.


Life below water

The temporary shutdown of activities and human mobility due to COVID-19 may have provided marine environments time and space to start to recover. Still, long-term commitments to ocean preservation must remain a priority! Recovery after the pandemic offers the opportunity to invest in action plans to conserve our oceans and ensure progress toward the health and recovery of the planet.


Life on land

Increasing production and use of medical products such as masks, oxygen capsules, etc. is a threat to the planet earth. On the other hand, closures and pollution reduction are in the interest of planet earth


Peace, justice, and strong institutions

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) country offices are supporting national partners to address situations of emergency and mitigate negative effects of COVID-19 through tailor-made interventions. Evidence shows that there is no justice in the distribution of the vaccine, medical devices to reduce the Corona.


Partnerships for the goal

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has underscored the importance of enhancing global collaboration and effective partnerships among all sectors and stakeholders, while building back better, together.