Review Article

Responding to the Call through Translating Science into Impact: Building an Evidence-Based Approaches to Effectively Curb Public Health Emergencies [Covid-19 Crisis]

Table 1

Comparison of the Types of Scientific Evidence

S/N Characteristic Type 1 Type 2 Type 3

1 Typical data/relationship Size and strength of preventable risk - disease relationship (measures of burden, etiologic research) Relative effectiveness of public health intervention Information on the adaptation and translation of an effective intervention

2. Common setting Clinic or controlled community setting Socially intact groups or community-wide Socially intact groups or community-wide
3. Example Smoking results in lung cancer. Price upsurges from a targeted media campaign decrease the rates of smoking. Comprehending the political problems of increase in price or aiming at media messages toward specific audience segments

4. Quantity More Less Less
5. Action Something must be done. These specific priorities must be implemented. How can this intervention be implemented