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Mini Review Open Access January 04, 2024 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Cap-dependent endonuclease inhibitors for adult patients with influenza: the use of baloxavir marboxil

Abstract Baloxavir marboxil (BXM) is a novel anti-influenza agent that developed in Japan and inhibit the cap endonuclease specifically, and suggested the more clinical effectiveness in influenza. BXM reduces viral shedding more than do neuraminidase inhibitors (NAIs), and its clinical efficacy is equivalent to that of NAIs but is superior to that of NAIs in the case of type B influenza. BXM does not [...] Read more.


Case Report Open Access January 03, 2024 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Inflammatory Bowel Disease associated with Intestinal Malrotation

Abstract Intestinal malrotation is an embryological abnormality modifying the classic anatomy of the small and large bowels, particularly the topographical one. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is characterised by anatomical lesions with preferential intestinal tropism. These two conditions are rarely associated. They represent a real diagnostic and therapeutic challenge due to the overlap of non-specific [...] Read more.


Article Open Access January 02, 2024 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Constructability and Rigor of Angles Multiples of 3 in Euclidean Geometry

Abstract This paper investigates the constructability of angles multiples of 3 within the framework of Euclidean geometry. It makes a significant contribution by presenting the first geometric construction for all such angles, offering a rigorous solution to a longstanding geometric problem. The paper reaffirms the efficacy of Euclidean geometry in providing precise constructions and robust proofs for [...] Read more.


Article Open Access December 25, 2023 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

An Appraisal of International Students Retention and Graduation at Northern Arizona University

Abstract The Internationalization of higher education has plummeted since the 2010 tightening of migration policies. This study aims to examine the retention and graduation rates of international students at Northern Arizona University (NAU). Using a quantitative analysis approach, the study utilized secondary data from the Center for International Admission and Recruitment Office at NAU to examine the [...] Read more.


Article Open Access December 19, 2023 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Conservation of Cuabal from Community Environmental Education: Results of an Implemented Proposal

Abstract The spiny xeromorphic shrublands on serpentine (cuabales) constitute outstanding plant formations for the conservation of Cuban biodiversity, due to their floristic richness, high number of endemic species and local endemism, as well as their economic, social, cultural value and functions environmental. In the Callejón de Los Patos of Santa Clara, there are relicts of cuabal, although they show a [...] Read more.


Brief Report Open Access December 13, 2023 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Is a Mexico-China Competition Emerging in US Supply Chains? A Comparative Perspective

Abstract With the current sources of US supply chains being more diversified than before, China’s share in US goods imports is declining while Mexico becomes the largest exporter to the US market in 2023. However, can Mexico use this trade diversion to successfully outweigh China in US supply chains? This paper thus investigates whether the Mexico manufacturing sector is competitive enough to completely [...] Read more.


Article Open Access December 12, 2023 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Threatened Wildlife for an Instructional Approach about Biodiversity Conservation

Abstract Biodiversity is related to a global problem: its destruction, a fact supported by scientific authorities. It is not trivial that educational dimension has been contemplated as one of the strategies for its conservation. Since 1992 global initiatives such as the Convention on Biological Diversity postulates concepts that linked education and nature conservation. The main objective of this research work is to test the level of assimilation of extracurricular scientific knowledge by primary school pupils. The method chosen for the content was, on the one hand, a master class intervention with an interactive presentation on a digital whiteboard. Third cases were chosen. Each case consisted of a presentation of the current status of a species of fauna present in Spain. On the second part, students were asked to write an essay and to illustrate the experience during the presentation. Regarding the essays, students showed that they were more attracted to the first species that was presented (Iberian lynx) in a proportion of over 45% of cases. The “Endangered species” concept appeared in more than 77% of the texts reviewed. In terms of drawings, almost 55% of the responses seem to devote more attention to the second species described (Testudo graeca [...] Read more.


Article Open Access November 10, 2023 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

New records for the alien vascular flora of Calabria (S-Italy)

Abstract While alien organisms, vascular plants included, are progressively increasing their worldwide impact on habitats, the present research confirms a similar dangerous trend for Calabria, the southernmost and floristically richest region of Italian Peninsula. The set of additional alien taxa here recorded for the vascular flora of Calabria includes: Acacia melanoxylon, Bidens subalternans, Buddleja davidii, Cucurbita moschata, Cyclospermum leptophyllum, Erigeron annuus subsp. annuus, Hesperocyparis glabra, Ligustrum ovalifolium, Mahonia aquifolium, Morus indica, Oenothera speciosa, Prunus serotina, Pyracantha fortuneana, Rudbeckia laciniata, Solanum nitidibaccatum, Sparaxis bulbifera, Tradescantia cerinthoides, [...] Read more.


Review Article Open Access November 28, 2023 Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley (RIS) BibTeX

Breast Cancer: A Review on Quality of Life, Body Image and Environmental Sustainability

Abstract Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women worldwide, with approximately two million new cases every year. The number of cases increases despite the high survival rate. The aim of this study is, therefore, to understand this cancer by finding out what has been studied in this area using scientific evidence published between 2003 and 2023. A search was therefore carried out for scientific [...] Read more.

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