Review Article

Responding to the Call through Translating Science into Impact: Building an Evidence-Based Approaches to Effectively Curb Public Health Emergencies [Covid-19 Crisis]

Table 6

Factors Influencing Decision Making among Environmental/PublicHealth Administrators, Decision Makers, and the General Public.

Category Influential Factor

Information • Sound scientific basis, including knowledge of causality
• Source (e.g., professional organization, government, mass media, friends)

Clarity of contents • Formatting and framing
• Perceived validity
• Perceived relevance
• Cost of intervention
• Strength of the message (i.e., vividness)
Perceived values, preferences, beliefs • Role of the decision maker
• Economic background
• Previous education
• Personal experience or involvement
• Political affiliation
• Willingness to adopt innovations
• Willingness to accept uncertainty
• Willingness to accept risk
• Ethical aspect of the decision

Context • Culture
• Politics
• Timing
• Media attention
• Financial or political constraints

Source: Adapted from Anderson et al. [108]; Brownson et al., [38] and Raimi et al., [2].